Saturday, 20 July 2013

Sorry Guys

Most, if not all of you will probably already know this but for some unknown reason (probably patching) all of my save files have been ruined. During my inept attempts to fix this I also deleted all of my saved sims so I can't continue the story with the same people.
However, I will be starting a new random legacy on this blog with the first chapter coming soon this week (if my laptop allows it)
Sorry about this but I promise my next legacy will be updated more frequently.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

1:2 The Long Way Home

Caroline spent another few hours at the library browsing for a job. Nothing caught her eye though so not long after it got dark she headed off home. She doubted there would be any taxis hanging around like there was during the day so she set about making her own way home.

"Right. That's the park there and the taxi definatly came round there." She said to no one but herself. "You could see the sea so it must have been down there" she set off down the road, totally oblivious to the road that took her home.

"Oooh that looks nice" she said, peering into the bistro window. "Definatly on my to do list" she smiled at the thought, but soon it disappeared. To visit posh restaurants, she'd need money, and for money, she'd need a job...

However, these thoughts were banished from her mind as she turned around, not remembering the taxi driving up a hill.
"Oh well, mustn't have been paying attention" she said halfheartedly, knowing that she had been soaking up every inch of her surroundings.
Passing the beach (something she distinctly remembers not seeing while driving) she noticed a young woman idly wandering up the beach. She decided that this would be a good time as ever to attempt to make a few friends amongst the locals.

"Hi, my name's Caroline" she said with a smile that she hoped wasn't too desperate.
"Oh, hi, Pauline" she said, also smiling slightly. "I don't remember seeing you around"
"I'm new around here"

"Yeah I thought you sounded like a city girl"
"Ah, about that, you wouldn't happen to know where Oak Grove Road was would you?" She said, praying silently inside.

"Yeah it's up on that hill" Pauline pointed out "go up that road then turn right before the library, then left at the first turning."
"Oh thanks" she laughed slightly, relief filling her.
"If you want to pop over to my house I live over there, that house on the end. I'll be in tomorrow morning if you can make then?"
"Yep say about 9?"
"Great, see you then" Pauline said before walking down onto the dunes.
"Maybe this place isn't so bad after all" Caroline mused.

Sorry about the last picture. It just resisted being placed any where but there.
And apologies for this update being so slow.

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

1:1 Beginnings In Sunset Valley

1:1 Beginnings In Sunset Valley

“That’s too expensive, that’s too small, eugh that’s some vile paintwork”

The girl behind the computer screen sighed and lent back in her chair. She’d been searching for her next house for three hours and still nothing. If this search turned up fruitless like the last dozen she would have to stay in the dank, soggy flat that had been her shelter for the last four months

Another month and she’d start having conversations about the drawbacks of political hierarchy in the education system with the mould creeping up the walls.
Caroline Caville sighed and got ready to turn the computer off and go back to the flat when a small bungalow caught her eye

“One Bedroom, One Bathroom, Desirable Area, §8650” She read out loud from the screen, to no one but herself as the library was currently empty other than her.

“Might as well...”

Caroline arrived at the house she’d purchased over the internet last night.

 The train journey over night had been dull and long and the last minute tickets for it were extortionate but she couldn’t stand another day in that hellhole of a flat. First impressions were that it was small. Very small. Three rooms. Only the essential furnishings, counters, shower, sink, bog.

Outside there was a fenced off piece of land that she guessed would be good for growing her own crops. Maybe she could get some cheap seeds or there may be a communal garden nearby she could borrow from.

 She would pay it all back when she could but the new house and the train journey had wiped out her savings.

“I need a job”

That would be tricky though seeing as she’d all but failed school. She never saw the point in trying and paid the price for it in her finals. Maybe she could get a little job like cleaning or gardening.
She set off for the library, hoping they had computers there in this quaint little town.
There were a few people wandering around the library when she arrived. One of them looked over from the bookshelves at her and smiled.

 She found it hard to tell if it was a welcoming smile or a “the people round here are going to ruin your life and I'm going to stand laughing” smile.
She guesses at the former and strolled over.
“Hi” she said. “I'm Caroline”

“Morning, my name is Dustin, are you new around here?”
Deciding that he wasn’t planning her untimely demise by kidnap and a shovel to the head, she continued to talk with him.
“Yeah, just moved into the little house on that hill” She pointed in the general direction.
“Where’s that accent from?” he asked. “Starlight Shores?”
“Nearly, Bridgeport” she corrected.

“Ah, city girl are you”
“Yeah, how about you, you always lived here?”
“Oh, yeah. I have” he glanced in the direction of a little girl in a black dress who was complaining about some dirty shoes that had been abandoned next to some bookshelves
“Sorry, I gotta go. How about tomorrow I give you the ‘Grand Tour’ since you’re new. She nodded. “Meet my beside the statue in the park at about 11?”
“Cool, yeah, right, Uh Hu, see you there”
He gave her another smile before heading off in the direction of the little girl, who was still looking at the shoes as if they had teeth.
“Bye then” She said to herself

Monday, 27 May 2013

Random Legacy Intro

My random legacy using the rules from:

Generation 1 Rolls -
 - Single Parent With Help
 - Three Children
 - Primary Income - Collecting
 - Secondary Income - Dumpster Diving
 - Generation Goal - AWESOME!
 - Miscellaneous Fun - Fashion Diva

I'm going to attempt to update this at least once a week, but life gets in the way usually.